a short film about imported people

Cast & Crew

Rosario                         Danielle Larsen
Akio                            Allan Law
Maruco                          Carlos Vicente Moreira
Produced by                     Sofía Lobos & Nicolás Cortés
Directed by                     Nicolás Cortés
Executive Producer              Sofía Lobos
Assistant Producer              Vittoria Caradonna
Assistant Director              Tizzy Gregory
Direction of Photography        Lukasz Staniszewski
Camera                          Lukasz Staniszewski
Camera Assistant                Damien Jeanmaire
Sound Recordist                 Steve Cummings
Sound Asistant                  Nada Abdulla
Boom Operators                  Damien Jeanmaire
                                Steve Cummings
Production Runners              Itziar Vinagre
                                Rodrigo O’malley
Script by                       Nicolás Cortés
Script Consultant               Alexandra Márquez
Script Language Editor          Eve Goldman
Production Design               Sofía Lobos
                                Vittoria Caradonna
                                Nada Abdulla
Edited by                       Nicolás Cortés
Music by                        Marcelo Vergara
Songs                           “Eu Não Sou Brasileiro”
                                “Mi País”
Peng Zhang
Jamie Oglesbie, Millie Taylor 
and the Manchester Script And Screen Society
Marcus Hercules and Hercules Productions
The Shamrock Pub
Simon Perry 
and the University Of Manchester Students’ Union
Tariq Bajwa, Angel Buendía, Giuliano Carozzi, 
Magdalena Cattan, Rodrigo Cueto, Josué Elgueta,
Chriss Emmerson, Flavio Guíñez, Regina Herholz, 
Matt Kowalczuk, Raúl Molina, Hugo Morales,
Valentina Orru, Sarah Sayeed, Ricardo Simian, 
Raimundo Undurraga and our friends and families.

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